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I guess I'm becoming a fan.

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Oh this is sooooo wrong.

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Space Stallions, the greatest 1980s cartoon that never existed

Wow this is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.
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This is very impressive piece of work. I wonder if I can make something like that for my kitties.


Aug. 22nd, 2011 08:59 pm
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This must be what being on acid is like. A very surreal and colorful video.

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They are installing a new fence around one of my sites. The old one really was just for keeping out cows and the wooden posts had rotted away. New one is the usual security fence 7' high with barbed wire on top. Anyway the fence installers cut down a large ceder tree that had been growing next to the old fence for years. I always called it my Christmas tree in the winter.
Well my boss was here today and another guy from Detroit who had a nice big truck was here too we thought that we would do the fencing company an favor and remove the tree to a wood dump near the airport. With the help of the fence companies Bobcat skid-loader we got it into the truck and drove it slowly to the wood dump. It only fell out of the truck once on the way there. :)
We muscled it back into the truck and once we got to the dump pushed it out and rolled it off the cliff into the dump. So far it has made for an interesting day.
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Eat this Gummy Worm and go into a diabetic coma.
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You decide.

Link to article.
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You know just when you think people can't be more stupid then they do stuff like this. Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies. I can see praying for better times but doing it in front of the bull statue on Wall Street is just stupid. I'm not much of a bible expert but didn't they at least see The Ten Commandments at least once. Charlton Heston should start throwing stone tablets at these people.

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Anyone know what Anime this is from? I found this here:


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