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Haven't updated in a while. Been really busy with learning the new job and finally finished with my training. I can honesty say that I'm not bad at this new job. At first I was worried that all my experience with working on various air traffic control equipment would be going to waste here. Turns out I was wrong if anything my experience has greatly helped me in learning my job. After meeting some of the other new people coming here with little or very specialized experience struggling with learning this job I really don't feel so bad about myself anymore.
On the house front unpacking continues at a slow but steady pace. Built some shelves in the Man Cave and have unpacked lots of books. Still have many more to go. The house is a lot more work to keep up than the previous house. The yard is huge compared to the old one. The old one took around 15 to 20 mins to mow. New one over an hour and a half. I use the time wisely I listen to audio books. Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's Long Earth series have been a couple that I've enjoyed listening to. The books give a very different take on parallel worlds. I've found both books to be very interesting and fun to read.
Been trying to exercise more since my new job is much more sedentary than my last one. 


Dec. 28th, 2012 11:58 pm
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Haven't posted in awhile.
Went to Branson MO. for a birthday and anniversary for M's parents. Branson was different but fun. Johnny Mathis concert was great, for a 77 year old he puts on a good show. On our way down we looked at several houses near where I'm going to be working in Olathe KS. We even put an offer in while we were in Branson, which after a little bit of wrangling the owner approved.
November 20th. After getting back we had my cat Tegan put down. She was over 16 years old and had some serious health problems. I know she wouldn't have handled the move well. Needless to say I was sad for awhile but with all the moving prep going on I really couldn't dwell on it very long.
Started new job on December 3rd. New job is very different from old one. More computer and phone work than actually working on equipment and being outside. I will have to actually plan my exercise more now since I won't have as much physical activity on my new job that I did on my old one. Mostly what I've been doing at the new job is computer based training which I'm pretty good at by now and have blown through several courses during my first couple of weeks. I've been living out of a hotel for my first weeks at the new job.
We closed on the new house on December 14th. New house is very different from old house smaller and bigger at the same time. Bigger for more usable space but smaller for a lot less storage.
Our stuff arrived December 27. Set up my desk in my new Man Cave today so now I can update stuff again. Still have a long way to go to get the house in order. At least the cats seem to be getting used to it. Since Tsuki is back to her old trick of standing in front of my monitor while I type.
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Well on October 24th I got a call about the new job in Kansas. They offered me the position. Including the relocation costs and the jump in pay grade. I was a bit shocked, I had just been bitching about how slow they were just before going to lunch and while at lunch they called me. I agreed to take the position and now I have to wait until both my current and future supervisor hash out when they want me to move. I'm going to miss my friends here in Dubuque a lot but this is such a good opportunity I really can't turn it down. Here is a picture that M put on her blog after I told her about it.


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