Dec. 1st, 2014 09:13 am
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The year is in it's final month and we have been very busy for awhile now. Finished building all the shelves that we currently have. M got all the Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs in order. We can now find stuff which is great. Down in the Man Cave put up some of the same shelves down here although these are white. Got all my Manga in them and in order too. Need more shelves for the paperback collection but those can wait until next year. Putting things away and removing boxes really helps make are house feel more like home.

House work

Aug. 4th, 2013 12:43 pm
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Worked on Maria's office yesterday. Got the doors rehung on her closet and shelves put in there. Also mowed the lawn. Busy day. Resting today on this nice and cool rainy day.


Oct. 21st, 2010 11:33 pm
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Today was my birthday.
Had a pretty good day only bad spot was having to take one of the cats to the vet. But it had to be done. Other than that had a relaxing day with Maria. She bought me the cutest little owl thing from Japan and let me buy a bigger present. Went to the Olive Garden for lunch. Later I went to pick up my weeks comics from the store and mentioned to Todd that today was my B-day and he invited Maria and I to dinner after he closed the comic shop. Had some nice spicy pizza at Marco's.

It was nice to relax after the past few frenzied days with my Dad here. I have to admit we did get lots of projects done while he was here.
We put up steel jacks to bolster the main support beam and built a partial wall in the basement to also support the main beam. Replaced the aging sump pump with a new more powerful one to hopefully keep the basement dryer. Fixed the sprayer on the kitchen sink. Replaced the old and broken fire alarms with new ones, it is fire safety month after all. Made a banister for the back porch steps. Installed a new doorbell one of those wireless types. Replaced the side door on the garage, including installing new locks. With some of the left over concrete from making the wall in the basement we repaired the crumbling concrete wall behind the garage. My Dad is amazing when it comes to home repairing and he has way more energy than I and he's 70 years old. I really need to get into better shape.
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After church today we went out to eat and then headed over to Best Buy to use my Christmas card my parents sent to me. While there we looked a deep freezers found a 7.2 cubic foot one for cheap since it was a floor model we decided to buy it. We have been wanting one since our fridge doesn't seem to have enough freezer space to hardly anything. It will be delivered on Tuesday. After we got back home I started in  on getting the back porch cleaned out and ready for the freezer. Had to move a switch for the light on the garage. I also had to chase down the circuit breaker for one outlet on the porch. I found it but it turns out I was out of three prong outlets so I will pick one up tomorrow. Once that's done I should be ready for the freezer.

Forgot to mention for my Christmas gift from my parents I got the Dark Knight and the first season of Chuck.


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