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Jan. 1st, 2015 11:24 pm
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2014 can be summed up as busy. Spent most of it working. Had over 100 hours of overtime this year. I really didn't have any goals for 2014 other than my usual losing weight. Which after they put me on insulin I actually did start to do. I've lost around 18 pounds. I currently weigh 306 pounds. I hope to be below 300 pounds by the end of the month. So goals for 2015 continue what I started with weight control and continue to get my office looking good. New shelves are helping. Over half way done shelving my books. It's really nice to have them so easily available.


Dec. 31st, 2013 07:21 pm
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2013 was a challenging year. Got finished with my training at my new job here in Kansas. I've settled in well there and find that I'm actually pretty good at the job. The furloughs and government shut downs haven't helped much but it looks like I won't have to worry about that next year.
I've been working somewhat to get to know people here. The Science fiction club is a fun group of people. I'm going to try and do more gaming next year at several of the conventions around here. I've also been working on getting in better shape. Hopefully I can continue that trend into the new year.
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No plans for celebrations. Just staying in a snacking on Hors d'oeuvre like food. 2011 wasn't a bad year for me and M but it could have been better. I spent most of this year at work getting used to having other co-workers around all the time. Its been hard at times I had really gotten used to doing things on my own. I am finding ways to cope with them. Mostly going off to do work at sites by myself.

Goals for 2012
Lose weight. (That will always be on my list)
Organize the house and my office
Draw more (I used to be good at it but I'm way out of practice)
Win lottery (One can hope)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Regrets are really something that I don't allow in my life. Regrets are the past and I'm all about the present and the future. I look to the past not with regret but with nostalgia. I laugh at my mistakes and remember to not repeat them, grieve for loved ones gone and I continue to move forward with my life.
I used to regret about things in my youth I really was obsessive about it. Until I realized that I was wasting a lot of time. I may be methodical and over think things but I will not regret my life decisions for they are what have made me who I am.
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Back is still giving me some pain not as much as before. Flexeril I guess works, mostly its making me sleepy, although I think it works better with an Advil chaser. Came into work yesterday and stayed for about a half a day went home sick for the rest of it. Today I'm at work again mostly cleaning up the office so I can start fresh next year messing it up. ;)

My year in review in thirds.
First third: Spent most of the early part of this year singing in the choir and taking religious classes so I could get baptized and officially join Catholic church at Easter. Which worked out pretty well.

Second third: New recorder for control tower went online and made my life much easier. Had classes at church with other members of choir on how to read music it has made choir much easier this year. Went to the Chicago comic con again wasn't as good as last time with Wizard fighting with all the major comic publishers. I will be going to C2E2 next year.

Final Third: The control tower remodel took over my life. Ended up canceling vacation and several other things during the construction. Did get lots of overtime which was a big plus. Holiday went pretty well this year had several great meals. Not a very eventful year but not as bad as some others.

Hopes for next year. Lose weight and get in shape, keep a better handle on money and to make Maria smile more.


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