Apr. 8th, 2017 09:30 am
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Slow day at work. Caught up on a few things but mostly just waiting for the phone to ring. Allergies are also kicking my ass today.

Started Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi the audio version read by Wil Wheaton. It's a reboot and modernization of H Beam Pipers Little Fuzzy. So far it is pretty good.
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Working today busier than yesterday but still usual slow Sunday. TV next to me has been on BBC America all day doing a James Bond marathon. They have been doing the Sean Connery ones. Funny seeing them reminds me where all the spy movie cliches came from.
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Welcome to October.
Working a long string of Mid Shifts right now so things are kind of weird around the house and at work. Even on my days off I'm still trying to stay up so I don't have to shift back and forth and screw up my body clock more than it already is. Also getting in some overtime this pay period too.
I got the new 2016 Terry Pratchett Discworld calendar. It's kind of depressing. I think since Sir Terry's death this year they decided to go with a very dark art style for the 2016 calendar. It just makes me kind of sad.
The above Icon is from some gif I found online and I added the text several years ago. Never used it much but now we have a cat that looks like the one pictured and since she is usually biting and clawing me it seems very appropriate now.
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Haven't updated in a while. Been really busy with learning the new job and finally finished with my training. I can honesty say that I'm not bad at this new job. At first I was worried that all my experience with working on various air traffic control equipment would be going to waste here. Turns out I was wrong if anything my experience has greatly helped me in learning my job. After meeting some of the other new people coming here with little or very specialized experience struggling with learning this job I really don't feel so bad about myself anymore.
On the house front unpacking continues at a slow but steady pace. Built some shelves in the Man Cave and have unpacked lots of books. Still have many more to go. The house is a lot more work to keep up than the previous house. The yard is huge compared to the old one. The old one took around 15 to 20 mins to mow. New one over an hour and a half. I use the time wisely I listen to audio books. Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's Long Earth series have been a couple that I've enjoyed listening to. The books give a very different take on parallel worlds. I've found both books to be very interesting and fun to read.
Been trying to exercise more since my new job is much more sedentary than my last one. 


Oct. 14th, 2012 01:04 am
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Had my interview for the new job on October 4th. I was nervous but I answered the questions they wanted. I was hoping I would hear something from them this past week but no news is no news. Maybe this week. I would really like to get this job as it would be a good career move for me and a better chance for M to find some friends in a bigger city. At this point I just really want to know one way or the other if we are going to move or not.
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Sent out an application for a new position in the FAA. This will be very different from what I'm doing right now. Less working on equipment and much more on the coordination side. It will be, if I get it, a pay jump to the next pay grade. It will be shift work so I'll be back to working odd hours, holidays and weekends again. It will involve a move to Kansas City area actually the office is south of town in Olathe KS. So who knows I may get it I may not but I'm at least going to try.

Damn it!

Jul. 13th, 2012 06:56 pm
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Now I have to go to a seminar. Didn't really want to go but I guess its important enough that even though there are several important things going on at work they still want me to go to something that could be sent in an email. At least the big VOR project is over with.
The trip is only for a couple of days but its really at a bad time personally and professionally.
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Work has been hard lately. 27 hours overtime last pay period 32.5 this time. Still have somethings to do before VORTAC project is over with but hopefully I'll be doing less overtime. 

New icon showing my support of Oreo's and Love. Like I really needed an excuse to buy Oreos. Like any one would really boycott an Oreo.
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We have contractors here working on putting a new roof on my VORTAC, The old roof leaked a lot. So as part of the project we're taking a part the equipment and giving it a good over haul. However this is involving a large amount of overtime. Money is good but I'm very tired. I am learning a lot this is something most people in my job don't do very often and I'm working with an expert in this sort of equipment so that helps in the learning process. This project is expected to last another couple of weeks. Then I got two more projects that start in July. Summers are busy around here.

My VORTAC looks something like this one. But with no snow right now since its June. ;-)


Jun. 1st, 2012 10:55 am
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This month is usually the busiest month of the year for work. Since I work outside sometimes, because thats were the equipment is, this is when we schedule most of our outside preventive maintenance also known as Pm's. Its also the time of year for the outside construction projects. We have a roof replacement starting in a couple of weeks, a lighted landing system upgrade and a replacement DC bus in the control tower. So I'm going to be a busy camper this year.
I've also started exercising more I'm trying to lose some weight before World Con this year. I really don't want to wander around on the convention floor in pain all the time like I have at some of the comic conventions I've been to in the last few years.
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Conference went well today. Had a little problem getting through security trying to read the tiny numbers on the back of my badge was a pain had to drag out my glasses to read the darn thing. Conference itself was very informative hope I remember a lot of this stuff.


Nov. 30th, 2011 05:32 pm
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Been busy lately I've been able to keep up with reading my friends list but not doing much posting.
Work has been hectic today with my boss here and one of the generators acting up. Not that I was working on a generator, I was in the office working on some class work for a piece of equipment that I've been learning. Funny thing was the thing I was learning decided to stop working just before I left work today. So I had to go out and fix it. Practical experience. :-)
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As of today I've had this job longer than any of my previous jobs. The Air Force was 10 years 7 days, Kinkos (which is now FedEx Office) was 8.5 years, Karmelkorn was a little over two years. I had a few other jobs but theses are the ones I've held the longest. I don't have a huge resume but once I get a job I stick with it. I don't know if it makes me boring or what. :-)
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10 plus inches of rain in less than 24 hours has made work not a lot of fun. We busted a local rain fall record by four inches. Not only did it mess up work there is more water in the basement than I've ever seen. People here in town who never get water in their basements had some this time. The water just had no where to go. It moved railroad track like it was a child's toy. Saw on the way home today the train crews were already working on fixing the rails. I was very impressed. It will take much longer for them to give us money to fix our washed out roads.

Hot day

Jul. 18th, 2011 10:07 pm
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I'm currently in OKC at a school while M is at home with the kitties. Another hot day here again. Over 100 degrees F. Fortunately I don't have to be out in this for the class. Which would be really tough for me. Spent most of this evening surfing the web and researching ideas for a game I might be running for a group back home.
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Spent the day at CID airport learning to use a new piece of test equipment. It was an interesting class the equipment is used to check batteries.
The other thing that happened today was Verizon pushed an update to the DROID X to android 2.3. It has really increased the speed of the phone.

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

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While at work today I was up in the tower doing some preventive maintenance. Simple stuff really. Was sitting in my little office/closet that I have all my books and tools reading up on the task when the chief controller came down stairs past me at a pretty good clip. I wondered as he passed by what was the hurry. Next thing I knew bang, thud, clump, clump! I ran out and found him on the landing in front of his office in a lot of pain. He trip and fell down a flight of stairs. But he didn't want any help and he got up on his own. He even drove himself to the doctors office. He was limping but seemed to be moving well enough pretty sure he didn't break anything. Will find out Thursday how banged up he is. Tomorrow I'm off to a class at CID.
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While coming back after checking on some radios at the RCAG I was ran off the road by a school bus. Actually I had pulled off to the side to let it get around since the road was so narrow with huge mounds of snow on one of the sides. When I pulled not realizing that the snow plow had smoothed out the snow over a ditch making it look like part of the road. Next thing I knew I was nearly side ways. I called the airport guys to help me out. They tried but the truck they brought didn't quite have the power to get me back on the road. Turns out while we were trying to get out the snow plow comes back. He stopped and yanked me out with little effort from his vehicle.
Next on the weird day meter was one of the windows in the control tower decided to crack, it started with a load bang and then the crack slowly climbed across the window. These are huge windows too maybe 8 or 9 feet high. Fortunately they are double paned and it was the inside one that cracked. Now we have a big project for either the spring or summer. Going to need a crane to replace that window. 
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Had to fix a few things today at work. I also had the first of the antennas arrive today. The box they come in is heavier than the actual antenna. It needs to be since they are made of aluminum they would never survive the shipping process if they weren't in those huge 200 pound boxes. I got a call before leaving today that the others should be here by Monday. Other than that not much else happened at work.

Picked up comics that came in late this week. DC Logo covers look pretty good. Anyone of them would make a great T-shirt.
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They are installing a new fence around one of my sites. The old one really was just for keeping out cows and the wooden posts had rotted away. New one is the usual security fence 7' high with barbed wire on top. Anyway the fence installers cut down a large ceder tree that had been growing next to the old fence for years. I always called it my Christmas tree in the winter.
Well my boss was here today and another guy from Detroit who had a nice big truck was here too we thought that we would do the fencing company an favor and remove the tree to a wood dump near the airport. With the help of the fence companies Bobcat skid-loader we got it into the truck and drove it slowly to the wood dump. It only fell out of the truck once on the way there. :)
We muscled it back into the truck and once we got to the dump pushed it out and rolled it off the cliff into the dump. So far it has made for an interesting day.


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