Jan. 20th, 2012 02:24 pm
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Big snow fall for the area today. I'm off today, yeah for four days weeks now, so its not a big problem for me. The snow has been falling for most of the day. Think we will be getting the larger of the estimated amount the weather people have been predicting. Not going to clean the sidewalks until it stops. I hear some people doing some snow blowing out there but I think they are wasting their time and gas. Besides taking M to doctor this morning I'm spending the rest of the day inside. Reading comics and messing with computer or PS3.
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Got up and went to morning Mass mostly because I volunteered to help take down the Christmas tree after mass was over. It went well and as usual I cut my hand on the tree a couple of times. I think its out to get me.

I shoveled snow around the house after I got done with church. Our first real snow of the season. Out of practice. But got the snow blower working again and shoveled the spots that the blower couldn't do.

Went to see Darkest Hour with my friend Todd. Can't really recommend it. Interesting ideas but has some bad science at times. Also maybe because I work around and understand how electricity works I kind of saw a lot of the plot coming. Won't be going into my SF movie collection.

Now I'm just tired. Today has been a busy day.
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During climbing class this week I was complaining how warm it was. Now it's snowing.
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While coming back after checking on some radios at the RCAG I was ran off the road by a school bus. Actually I had pulled off to the side to let it get around since the road was so narrow with huge mounds of snow on one of the sides. When I pulled not realizing that the snow plow had smoothed out the snow over a ditch making it look like part of the road. Next thing I knew I was nearly side ways. I called the airport guys to help me out. They tried but the truck they brought didn't quite have the power to get me back on the road. Turns out while we were trying to get out the snow plow comes back. He stopped and yanked me out with little effort from his vehicle.
Next on the weird day meter was one of the windows in the control tower decided to crack, it started with a load bang and then the crack slowly climbed across the window. These are huge windows too maybe 8 or 9 feet high. Fortunately they are double paned and it was the inside one that cracked. Now we have a big project for either the spring or summer. Going to need a crane to replace that window. 
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I was off today for MLK day. Surprisingly I did not get called in all this weekend. I am very happy for that. Still feeling sick, but I had to go out and clean the side walks of snow. Ended up getting around 4+ inches. Went out and got dinner and more dayquil. We watched Machete it was awesome.Great action and it really was just like those old Grind house flicks. Not sure if I will go to work tomorrow think I might need to go to the doctor since my sore throat seems to be coming back.

Digging out

Dec. 4th, 2010 10:03 pm
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It appears we got 7.6 inches of snow last night. Helped out a neighbor who had some visitors stuck in her drive way. Just needed an extra hand to push a car. Got some use of the new hand rail my Dad and I put on the back porch. As I was coming out of the house I slipped on the stairs and if we hadn't put the rail back on I wouldn't have been able to catch myself. It would have been a nasty fall.
Played around some with my new phone, it's a Droid X. It's fun. Lots of interesting apps to download if I want also a lot of really stupid ones too. Do we really need a 139 fart apps?
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Started snowing just before I got off work today and its still snowing. Got to use my new shovel today. A big heavy one designed to push the snow. It will be easier to use it sometimes instead of dragging out the snow blower. Not sure how much we have gotten yet but the inch and a half I shoveled has now been covered up.
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Had a slight dusting of snow today while I was at work. Really feeling like winter now. Actually broke out the space heater today at work, my office can't seem to get warm.

Maria at sleep study tonight. She has been having sleep problems for awhile but the last sleep study was inconclusive, I hope this one will have better results. So tonight I've been catching up on comics and messing with the computer.
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Watching the snow fall. All my work this morning buried. I'll be shoveling again.

Snowy day

Jan. 7th, 2010 02:46 pm
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It's been snowing since last night. Very fluffy stuff perfect if your into winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding. Makes it easy to shovel too. Not a lot going on today. Just trying to stay warm. City has fixed the steam lines to my office now I actually have some heat other than the space heater and the not very effective HVAC on the roof. Now it a pleasing 72 not the 52 I started the week with.
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Turns out things weren't so bad after all at least here they weren't. It didn't stop me from getting the gov vehicle stuck in the snow. Fortunately I had someone here to help me get it out again. I hope the rest of the week will be less of a work out. I get more exercise this time of year than any other. With all the shoveling of snow and pushing of vehicles out of snow it can really wear you out.
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Ended up having about 10+ inches of snow. Now the winds are starting up which means we will see some drifting. I'm hoping for some big ones they are fun to take pictures of them. I had to do lots of snow blowing and shoveling so I could get to work.
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Big snow storm started this morning. Not so bad right now, just some light snow, but it is scheduled to get much worse. Got the snow blower gassed up and working last night, so I'm ready now.
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First measurable snow fall this year. Had to sweep off the sidewalk, I have got to get my snow blower out from the back to the garage.

Spent a good part of yesterday sorting junk that I had at my parents house and rearranging my office. I want to get things more organized before the new year. I want to start the new decade right. ;)
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Guess what we're having a blizzard.

Been running around like crazy at work today. I tried to get as much preventative maintenance done today as possible before the storm hit. I think I did pretty well. I got most of the sites done that I needed to drive for long distances. As I was walking out of the last localizer the storm started up. Ended up having to drive into town to get some gas for the vehicle since it doesn't do the blazer any good to have less than a 1/4 tank of gas in weather like this. Right now we have high winds and lots of snow. Think I'll head to the tower after I eat.
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Snow blew and did lots of shoveling this morning. Then spent the rest of the day in the house. Watched some anime, made some dinner and relaxed.
Finished reading The Light Fantastic by Sir Terry Pratchett finished the The Colour of Magic last month. Its funny I've been meaning to read it for years, since I picked up several of the Discworld books while stationed in England which was almost 20 years ago. Anyway I really enjoyed both the books. Lots of funny moments.


Jan. 4th, 2009 11:12 pm
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After getting back from church had to throw some salt on the side walk around the house. We got about a 1/4 inch of ice over pretty much everything last night. Only fell down once while spreading the salt. Hurt my knee a little and maybe my back I should feel in more tomorrow. I've really got to be more careful I've fallen at least three times this year and we are not even half way though the season.

Had our annual comic meeting secret Santa exchange. I think the person I had liked what I got him and made for him. I ended up getting the two trades from the O'Neil and Adams run of Green Lantern Green Arrow. I've always wanted to read this but never had gotten around to getting the trades.
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Snowed again last night. At least a three inches. Used the snow blower again. The neighbor across the way, with much bigger snow blower, helped me with the stuff the street plow pushed into my drive way. Took the day off today. Just relaxed after the removing the snow to save my voice for tonights choir concert at church. I think we will sound pretty good the last practice sounded great.
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Snowing again today. Ended up yesterday working on one of the localizer antennas but wasn't able to fix it. I did spend a lot of time in the snow. Ended the day being very tired.
I've been taking it easy today. Did a little shoveling to clean up an area on the side walk that the street crews buried. Not that its going to help much since its snow again.


Dec. 19th, 2008 11:41 am
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Looks like we had about 10" of snow last night. Even got woken up last night to some thunder snow. Dug out the driveway and the sidewalks around the house. Even blew the snow off the sidewalk for about three other houses. I wanted the link up with the only other clear spot on the block. Also ended up helping some lady dig and then push her car that she got high centered in the middle of the road. Got to work at 9am. Now trying to figure out how to get out on to the airfield with out getting stuck so I can fix that stupid antenna.


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