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This is running on a PS3.

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My PS3 died. :(
It was a launch one and had a good life. Unfortunately I lost all my data and stuff I down loaded. Went out a bought a new one for about half what I originally paid. It certainly lighter and smaller than the old one. Changing out the 160GB hard drive with the new 500GB one I bought a few months back. Now I'm going to spend some time reloading games I like.


Aug. 22nd, 2010 09:29 pm
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Spent most of the weekend relaxing with the wife and enjoying our new recliners. Did a little cleaning in anticipation of the in-laws coming up in the next few weeks.

Played several hours of Final Fantasy XIII. The story is starting to get interesting. One of the characters seems like she has a dark secret that she is keeping from the other characters. She may be the reason that all the other characters are in trouble. I'm glad I picked up this game not only is it a beautiful game it also has a compelling story.
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I've been playing my new games but also playing in the Resistance 2 beta. The R2 beta is just the online portion of the game and it seems to be mostly for testing out their servers before the game is released. The game is quite fun and the improvements from the previous game can be seen even in this beta. I was very impressed with the Chicago map. Very detailed with a lot of fun surprises. I'm looking forward to the completed game.
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Finished Portal from the Orange Box game. Fun game really makes you think. The dry humor of the computer was great. I'm looking forward to future sequels of this game. I have played some Team Fortress 2 its a fun little game with very amusing characters. I looking forward to playing the various Half Life 2 games now.

Picked up Absolute Batman Hush on sale awhile back. Just finished reading it after rediscovering it under a pile of other books. Beautifully drawn by Jim Lee. He's very talented and really has a gift for making Batman look really cool. I did figure out who Hush was pretty quickly although I don't think the author was trying to hide it from the readers. Well worth the money I paid for it.

Maria colored her hair today. The new dark color is very striking. I like it a lot.
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Finally finished Resistance Fall of Man in single player mode, I'm a slow player what can I say. For a FPS it was a lot of fun it had a good story that great graphics and its getting a sequel.


Apr. 29th, 2007 06:40 pm
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I've been busy lately, but I have been regularly reading my friends list and even commenting some, I just haven't felt like blogging much. I think one of the things that has slowed me down from writing here is the fact they have blocked LJ from the work computers, which I guess is a good thing it was a bit of a distraction. Anyway here is a bit of a run down of whats been going on with me in the last couple of months.

One of the things that has sucked away a lot of my time is my Playstation 3. It is a very cool system. Took a little bit of work to get it hooked up in the HD mode of our TV, its an older type TV and only has a DVI HD input not an HDMI which is the new standard. Basically I had to get a converter cable. Picked up Resistance: Fall of Man and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. These are awesome games and look very pretty on the TV. I've also picked up a couple of Blu-ray movies recently. Very pretty.

We went to Maria's parents house and they gave us lots of stuff, since they are down sizing and moving to San Antonio. Some of it is good stuff like a generator, a small compressor and lots of tools other things are less useful but with a little work they might be, like an very old set of draws and work bench made by Maria's grandfather. These mostly need to be cleaned up repaired and painted to be useful again. Helped them throw out a lot of junk that had collected in their house over the years. Also got their garage semi usable before I left. Maria and I are still sorting through the stuff they gave us. I'm hoping to find uses for most of it.

My computer caught a virus. It was my fault. I clicked on something in an email I shouldn't have and it got me. It took a couple of days to sort out but I finally got it off my system. This happened while I was sick. I guess in my weakened condition I was willing to click on something I normally wouldn't have.

Work has been a bear. We are getting ready for an inspection, something that happens about every three years. I'm been forced to learn more about the paper work side of my job then I have in the five years I've been working here. Basically I've been catching up on stuff that should have been updated even before I was hired to work here. Hopefully I and my fellow co-workers can get everything looking good before the July inspection. I've even been bringing work home to do on my computer since its easier to do here than at the office.


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