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Welcome to October.
Working a long string of Mid Shifts right now so things are kind of weird around the house and at work. Even on my days off I'm still trying to stay up so I don't have to shift back and forth and screw up my body clock more than it already is. Also getting in some overtime this pay period too.
I got the new 2016 Terry Pratchett Discworld calendar. It's kind of depressing. I think since Sir Terry's death this year they decided to go with a very dark art style for the 2016 calendar. It just makes me kind of sad.
The above Icon is from some gif I found online and I added the text several years ago. Never used it much but now we have a cat that looks like the one pictured and since she is usually biting and clawing me it seems very appropriate now.
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We have contractors here working on putting a new roof on my VORTAC, The old roof leaked a lot. So as part of the project we're taking a part the equipment and giving it a good over haul. However this is involving a large amount of overtime. Money is good but I'm very tired. I am learning a lot this is something most people in my job don't do very often and I'm working with an expert in this sort of equipment so that helps in the learning process. This project is expected to last another couple of weeks. Then I got two more projects that start in July. Summers are busy around here.

My VORTAC looks something like this one. But with no snow right now since its June. ;-)


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