Hot day

Jul. 18th, 2011 10:07 pm
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I'm currently in OKC at a school while M is at home with the kitties. Another hot day here again. Over 100 degrees F. Fortunately I don't have to be out in this for the class. Which would be really tough for me. Spent most of this evening surfing the web and researching ideas for a game I might be running for a group back home.


Apr. 11th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Finished class today. Spent most of the day doing troubleshooting exercises then a final troubleshooting test. It was a breeze. I figure it won't take much to get a certified on the DME once I get back to work. Will be traveling home tomorrow. Not long after I get there we should be leaving for Pensacola.

Hot Rods

Apr. 9th, 2006 05:00 pm
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They are having a Hot Rod show here in Oklahoma City at the state fair grounds this weekend. It seems that the city is worried about something since for the last couple of days the Police have been cruising around the street near my hotel. I'm guessing its to cut down on gawkers. Lots of interesting cars around here though.
In a bit of irony saw a small pick-up go from an ordinary vehicle to a hot rod when it caught on fire in front of an ice cream store I was at. It's surprising how quickly a car will go up in flames.
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Back in OKC. Another long long drive. Kansas was very smoky. Looks like they are having a bunch of range fires. I passed lots of blackened prairie. Went to Zios for dinner. Its pretty good Italian better than Olive Garden.
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I've been without the internet here at my hotel in OKC since Sunday. It hasn't been too bad. Been watching Land of the Lost and Farscape. School has been going well tomorrow is the last day of class.
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Finished class today. I have to admit it was a good course. I feel much more confident about the equipment than I did before. Not having to worry about accidentally killing anyone while training helps. Tomorrow I start the 11+ hour drive home. At least I have the weekend to rest up from the drive. I also get to see my sweet loving wife again.
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I learned something very strange about Oklahoma today. Its illegal to get tattoos here. Now I don't really want one but it strikes me as odd that they are the only state to out law them.
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I'm not all that interested in wondering around OKC since I've seen most of it. So I've been holding up here in my hotel room playing this game for the last couple of days. I have to say it is the prettiest PS2 game I've ever played. If you like RPGs for your PS2 you will love this Dragon Quest VIII.
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Well I'm here in OKC again for a school for my FAA job. I'm enjoying, sarcasm, the incredibly dry and windy weather that they are having around here. Everything is a tinderbox around here, I passed several areas along the highway that had been burned by wild fires. There is one going on now to the north of here. With the wind gusting up to 35 mph I don't envy the fire fighters.

Anyway class was good today. Since this was are first day they didn't go easy on us and threw us right into the equipment. I like these hands on courses it really lets me have a chance to play with the equipment something I can't really do on an active system. Where I'm staying at is nice. Had to buy a wireless modem for my laptop since wasn't wired for a LAN conection. Also the cable sucks. So I guess I'll be missing Stargate-SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica for the next couple of weeks. Oh well it gives me a chance to read.


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