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Cracked open my new Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection Thundarr the Barbarian. Much nicer than the crappy bootleg I got off ebay years ago. I really don't know why I like this show the animation is not that great, its a silly world and the voice acting is really not that good. But it really spoke to my young self that was so fascinated with post apocalyptic books and movies Planet of the Apes included. In some ways it was the closest I will more than likely ever get to a Kamandi TV show.
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Being that it was really my first exposure to online communities and it has allowed me to get over some of my fears of sharing with people on the internet. It's funny I've been around computers for years and have seen people text and chat online for years but whenever I tried I would just sort of freeze up. I think its because I'm embarrassed about my terrible spelling and I didn't want to inflect it on anyone else. I'm fine when I have the time to edit myself but trying to do it quickly is hard. The new software on phones have helped me greatly and it has certainly made it easier to get my ideas across to other people.
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What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

I always wanted to be an astronaut. Nope, the closest I got was visiting the Kennedy Space Center while in the Air Force.


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