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Watched 5th Element again tonight. I was inspired to watch it again from seeing a Youtube video about Adam Savage making a copy of the ZF-1 gun. Here's the video.

I was very impressed with the video quality of the movie. I hadn't seen it on the new TV yet. I'm going to have to re-watch several of my more Special Effects heavy movies to see what I notice now in full HD not the limited version I had before.
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Had a really good time. Even though I didn't get out of the dealers room. There really wasn't much in the way of panels that I wanted to see anyway. WWC is mostly a media con now. Even so there were several comic guests. Speaking of which I got Azzarello, Risso and Johnson to sign the covers of Batman Knight of Vengeance. Words, art and cover in that order. I have found this to be the most surprising of the Flashpoint event. Azzarello threw in so very cool twists.
Bought three pages from J. Calafiore, one from Doom Patrol and two from Secret Six, they are all great. Four sketches Patrick Gleason, Freddie Williams, Rodrick DeJesus and Steve Ott. All of them the Martian Manhunter. Bought lots of Japanese cookies, four hard back trades, and two Mattel figures the assembled Stel and the Alexander Luthor and Ultraman Figures set.

Next year looks like its going to be a big year for Chicago conventions. As of right now I'm planning on C2E2 and Worldcon. Might go to WWC next year but that depends on how things go for the other conventions.
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Not sure what I would do with it but I would love to drive to to work at least once.
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Got to play around with the lantern rings at my local comics shop last week. Thought I would post a picture of me wearing them.


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