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Movie was a lot of fun with lots of laughs. Sometimes it is fun being an older comic collector I'm able to get the Easter eggs on the first watch of the movie.


Mar. 29th, 2017 06:54 pm
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This looks incredible.

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Finally got to watch this movie. It was a lot of fun. I do see some of the flaws that others have said about it. Mostly for me I wish they could have had more screen time for some of the newer characters. Even so it was a good film.
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Enjoyed the movie but really didn't like the talking people around me. Not sure what is up with that cinema.
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Pretty good movie actually. Not sure I would want to read the books so I went ahead and spoiled my self reading the wiki info about the sequels. Interesting world and if they don't linger on the really depressing parts of the books they might make a much better series of movies than anything with vampires in it.
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Got up and went to morning Mass mostly because I volunteered to help take down the Christmas tree after mass was over. It went well and as usual I cut my hand on the tree a couple of times. I think its out to get me.

I shoveled snow around the house after I got done with church. Our first real snow of the season. Out of practice. But got the snow blower working again and shoveled the spots that the blower couldn't do.

Went to see Darkest Hour with my friend Todd. Can't really recommend it. Interesting ideas but has some bad science at times. Also maybe because I work around and understand how electricity works I kind of saw a lot of the plot coming. Won't be going into my SF movie collection.

Now I'm just tired. Today has been a busy day.
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This is either going to suck, or it'll be epic. I think they may have the makings of a great cult film.

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I was off today for MLK day. Surprisingly I did not get called in all this weekend. I am very happy for that. Still feeling sick, but I had to go out and clean the side walks of snow. Ended up getting around 4+ inches. Went out and got dinner and more dayquil. We watched Machete it was awesome.Great action and it really was just like those old Grind house flicks. Not sure if I will go to work tomorrow think I might need to go to the doctor since my sore throat seems to be coming back.
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One of Robert Howard's less popular characters and one I've always considered the most interesting. He isn't your typical sword and sorcery character not big or even good looking in fact he's usually portrayed in comics a a tall gaunt figure. But there is an intensity to his character that draws me to read his stories. Which will also draw me to seeing this movie.
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I really liked it. Very violent and more sex than I've seen in a movie in a while. (I can't remember when was the last R rated movie I've seen.) I liked that I got the same feeling from the end of the movie as I did from the comic. The modified ending was good too. I in some ways it made for sense than the original.

Good news

Jan. 16th, 2009 09:55 am
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Looks like they have settled their differences. So we will get to watch the Watchmen.

Iron Man

May. 4th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Great movie! This is the way you do a superhero movie right. Not dumbed down, not messing the with characters and not forgetting to put some action in the movie. (I'm looking at you Superman Returns.) I think Hollywood is finally starting to get it. Hopefully the rest of the big superhero movies for this year will be just as good as Iron Man.
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Saw this movie yesterday. It wasn't bad, great visuals but I'm a sucker for a steampunk world. I've never read the book it was based on but I picked up a copy for Maria awhile back so I might end up reading it someday.
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Finally broke up the ice on the sidewalk around the house today. That was a couple of hours of hard work.

Took today off so Maria and I went out today. Got her a few CDs and couple of blouses. Just spoiling the wife. We then went to see Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. A very bloody movie. The music was good but they cut out a lot of the songs I'm guessing for time. I don't think the audience that saw the movie with us really got it. At the very end one of the girls in the audience yelled out that can't be the end. Not sure if she was expecting a happy ending or what. Any how I liked it. Very beautifully shot, funny and very dark. I hope the DVD release will be a little longer with more songs.
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Saw Superman Returns yesterday. We got a free pass for it when we bought Justice League season two. Maria didn't go. She's not much of a Superman fan. I found the movie very fun. I got all the inside jokes since they were targeted at my age group. The only thing about it was the sense that I wasn't seeing anything new. Even so I will give it a solid 3.5 out of 5. Not sure I'll be adding it to our DVD collection we don't even have the other Superman movies.


Jul. 31st, 2004 03:50 pm
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Saw Thunderbirds on Friday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. People may say that it was centered around the kid characters and not enough about the older Tracy's, but since its an adaption of a kids show I don't see the problem with that. Anyway the real reason to watch the old show or the new movie is the ships. They are still the coolest things. Lady Penelope was a lot of fun. I think the actress playing her had a good time. I give the movie 3 out of 5 stomps.

Saw The Village today. I was kind of disappointed with this one. It wasn't the movies fault either it was mine. I made the mistake of guessing what the movie was going to be about and I guessed right. So I wasn't shocked about the ending or surprised in several spots I should have been. The characters were great and the acting good too. I liked the love story. I won't say anything more about this because everyone deserves a chance to be surprised, even if I wasn't. I still give it 4 out of 5 stomps.

Day Off

Jun. 11th, 2004 07:57 pm
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Had the day off today. National day of mourning and all that. I had an appointment with the doctor today anyway so I didn't need to burn any time off to see him. It was mostly to check my blood pressure (too high) and set up appointments for a full physical later this year. Since I'm 40 now I need to have the full work up every few years to make sure I don't have anything hiding in me.

After that Maria and I went to see The Chronicles of Riddick. First off we had 15 minutes of commercials and previews, I timed it.
Of all the previews AVP looked the most interesting. Hey what's not to like Aliens and Predators killing each other with the puny humans caught in between.

No spoilers

Anyway The Chronicles of Riddick was a kick ass movie. It wasn't great art but if you want to lose yourself for a couple of hours in a movie that is internally consistent upon itself this is the one to see. The movie starts you off in the action and keeps it up, no waiting 10 mins for all the screen credits to roll by while waiting for the movie to start. The Riddick Universe is a well thought out place that makes sense in side itself. The sets, costumes and general look of the film just screams "this is a cool weird place". At times it seemed a bit rushed and I kept thinking that they left stuff out, but they covered it up very well since I didn't think that until after the movie was over. I'm betting they will have an extended directors cut DVD later. The ending surprised me and it shouldn't have either, I guess I was just lost in the story.
I give the movie 9 stomps out of 10. Just like the first one.


Jun. 5th, 2004 07:48 pm
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We've seen several movies in the last few days both at home and at the cinema.

Saw the extended version of Pitch Black at home. Neither of us had seen it before so we were surprised at how good it was. We weren't expecting much and the only reason we got it is the Chronicles of Riddick preview looked very good. Anyway it was a good movie, I was expecting a lame Alien remake, which is why I didn't see it in the cinema, but it was something more. They let you really get to know the characters before the critters ate them. I think what I didn't expect was the character development. It also reminded me of a Traveller game. The people in cold sleep waiting to wake up at their destination, the bad attitudes and shotguns in space. I really enjoyed this movie. I give the movie 9 stomps out of 10.

We saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I liked this movie. I haven't read the book yet because I wanted to enjoy the movie for what it was. The last movie I had read the book before seeing it and was a little disappointed by the movie. It was fun seemed a bit rushed in spots but considering the size of the source material I guess that couldn't be helped. I give the movie 7 stomps out of 10.

Troy Boys

May. 14th, 2004 11:26 pm
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Maria and I saw Troy today. It wasn't bad. The effects were great but nothing you haven't seen before. Maria liked all the pretty Troy boys Pitt, Bloom and Bean. The actress playing Helen was easy on the eyes but nothing to launch a 1000 ships for. I thought the girl that Achilles liked was cuter. Great Battle scenes. The guy playing Ajax looked like he was having fun. Dug out my copy of GURPS Greece it has a nice overview of the Trojan war it was interesting comparing the movie to it. They changed some stuff but they had to make the story work for modern audiences. I give the movie 7 stomps out of 10.

I've been cold all day. A front came through and has dropped the local temperature we might even get a light frost tonight.


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