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I've been playing lots and lots of Munchkin and several other SJ Games this weekend. Doing the MIB thing. You know this was way easier when I was younger. Thinking back I've been doing demos and playtesting for SJG for over 25 years. I'll have to figure out what the actual number is when I'm less tired. Funny I met my wife because I went to Dragoncon to work the both for SJ Games and demoed a couple of GURPS games. I guess this really has been a major influence on my life.
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Got my 05/23 package from SJ Games they really loaded it up with lots of good stuff. Lots of promo items and some new games too. My gaming schedule for Conquest/Undercon is sorted out. Will doing SJ Games Munchkin and maybe a few other games. Will be doing the MiB thing demoing and giving out promo items.
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Went back to work on Wednesday. Things sure pile up while your sick. Feeling much better now. Ordered some SJ Games stuff with some of my MIB points. Got a notice that it shipped. One of the things I'm getting is Munchkin Quest. It looks like it might be a fun game.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 09:19 pm
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Looking though my MIB package for this year I found a copy of Lord of the Fries. Looks like a fun game. Zombie run fast food joints.


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