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Game went very well. They really liked the map so I will do others in the future. Will have to figure out how to make the Hexes easier to see in low light. I didn't want them to over power the image but they were a little light for the room we were playing in. Live and learn.
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I've been playing around with Campaign Cartographer to make a battle map for my GURPS Technomancer game. I'ts been a long time since the last game and I wasn't happy with how I ended the last game. (I didn't feel well and I was very tired that day.) So as a surprise and personal goal for myself I made this map. It not the best but not bad for my first effort in a long time.

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Just sent back my first report on the new edition. In all I like the changes and the new layout and some new art are going to make it more appealing.
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I've been playing lots and lots of Munchkin and several other SJ Games this weekend. Doing the MIB thing. You know this was way easier when I was younger. Thinking back I've been doing demos and playtesting for SJG for over 25 years. I'll have to figure out what the actual number is when I'm less tired. Funny I met my wife because I went to Dragoncon to work the both for SJ Games and demoed a couple of GURPS games. I guess this really has been a major influence on my life.
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A great GURPS setting for lots of exciting and silly fun games. The full color art work from the Mars Attacks cards just make this book visual treat. The author helps the game master to create a logical and fun background for their Mars Attacks campaign. Helping the GM with suggestions and advice to keep the action moving and not to let players get board.


Apr. 9th, 2017 08:45 pm
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They are working on a new GURPS Prime Directive and I have been offered to do GURPS checking on it again. I'm looking forward to doing it. From what I read it will mostly be a lot of edits and rearranging of information. What is even better this time is that I'm more experienced with 4th edition now and I won't be doing it at the same time I am traveling and going to classes for work.


Mar. 28th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Was looking through the old Roleplayers and Pyramids that SJ Games has added to their products recently. I actually have all these in the print versions but I got them with some MIB points. Wow lots of nostalgia. It was different time for GURPS and the game business back in the Mid 80's through the 90's. Interesting to see some of the projects that never happened like GURPS Talislanta or GURPS Alvin the Maker. Both never written.
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I'm the gamemaster again. We are currently doing GURPS Technomancer using the 4th edition rules. Taking place in the late 90's so I don't have to update the background.

Our first adventure was cleaning out a zombie infestation in the caves storage and business district. Since I'm doing this in the local KC area I thought this would be a fun place to run an adventure.
During the second adventure I contacted several of the characters with dreams from this giant slug baby thing I created. Turns out it wasn't an evil creature but some mutant w experiment that escaped and the evil corporation was looking for it. They ended up rescuing it and now it is safe at a religious orphanage. One of the characters is a priest.
The third adventure was an adaption of the Savage Worlds one sheet adventure "Rednecromancer". Basically a old folk trailer court filled with preserved geriatric zombies under the control of the park manager. I had to tweak is some to fit the Technomancer back ground but not a lot. I even used it to introduce a possible big bad for the game.
The fourth adventure took place on St. Patrick's day. So I ran a green themed adventure. I called this one Greenhouse of Doom. I used several nasty plant creatures from a couple of GURPS books. Had it take place in an experimental magical plant department on the KU campus. I think it turned out pretty well. I even got several characters to do a little more than they usually do during games.
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Ran my second GURPS IOU adventure today. I called it the War of the Vending Machines. Fun adventure I thought it up while reading some adventure ideas that people online had for IOU. Someone said "You could always have the vending machines attack." So I did. It actually has some more plot than that, but it was what I started with. Everyone had fun and I lost my voice a little.


Dec. 27th, 2015 04:35 pm
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Ran my first GURPS 4th edition game and the first RPG I've ran since 2001 yesterday. I had a good time and the players seemed to enjoy themselves too. I ran my GURPS IOU Meep hunt event that I've ran a few times many years ago at Dragoncon. I converted it to 4th edition and it turned out rather well. To the point I need to come up with some other adventures since they want to play these characters again.
Getting cold outside and we are under a winter weather warning. Will find out tomorrow if we get any snow.
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Haven't posted in a while.

Working on making up characters for a GURPS Illuminati University game. Converting old 3rd edition characters to 4th is fun and very educational. Lots of similarities between the editions but with enough changes to make things interesting. I hope to run a game at Kantcon this year.

Hot day

Jul. 18th, 2011 10:07 pm
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I'm currently in OKC at a school while M is at home with the kitties. Another hot day here again. Over 100 degrees F. Fortunately I don't have to be out in this for the class. Which would be really tough for me. Spent most of this evening surfing the web and researching ideas for a game I might be running for a group back home.
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Have been getting emails from ADB that they are moving forward on PD: Federation. This is the Federation supplement for GURPS Prime Directive. Should be a quick check for me. All I need to do is look at the GURPS stuff. There might be at least a few new races maybe some new equipment. Should be interesting.
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The playtest is going on a holiday break. But it seems like its going well. I might actually use this version of Martial Arts. I didn't get much use out of the 3rd edition version. This new one should be more user friendly.
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I had a busy day today. I was actually working with someone today. (For those of you that don't know I work at the local airport here as the only FAA Electronics Tech.) So when I actually work with another person it makes for busier day. I also spent much of it outside, in between rain storms it was a pretty nice day. I didn't have much of a chance to study, which is what I should be spending most of my time doing. The trouble is I find studying BORING! I'm usually looking for any break I can to get away from the books. So having someone to work with for a change is a nice distraction.

Gaming Info
Still haven't had much of a chance to continue converting the races from GURPS Prime Directive into GURPS 4th edition yet. I've got to get it done soon since I found out today I've got two classes in Oklahama City in late July going into early August. I promised Steve Cole of ADB that I would have it to him so that it would be published in GURPS Romulans and MPB. It will get done Its just not getting done as quickly as I would have liked.


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