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While at work today I was up in the tower doing some preventive maintenance. Simple stuff really. Was sitting in my little office/closet that I have all my books and tools reading up on the task when the chief controller came down stairs past me at a pretty good clip. I wondered as he passed by what was the hurry. Next thing I knew bang, thud, clump, clump! I ran out and found him on the landing in front of his office in a lot of pain. He trip and fell down a flight of stairs. But he didn't want any help and he got up on his own. He even drove himself to the doctors office. He was limping but seemed to be moving well enough pretty sure he didn't break anything. Will find out Thursday how banged up he is. Tomorrow I'm off to a class at CID.
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because I've been doing it so much lately! Walked out of the house this morning. Stepped onto the icy front porch stairs and tumbled down them. Nothing appears to be broken. That's a good thing. I'm going to be one big bruise tomorrow.
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Was walking over to the control tower with a couple of co-workers talking with them and not really paying attention to were I was going. I tripped on a crack in the curb that I've walked over hundreds of times. Landed on my hand and arm knees and finally my jaw stopped the fall. I didn't break anything but I really banged myself up, lots of scraps and bruises. I really didn't want to get up off the concrete but I knew if I didn't I would be in even more pain. I kept busy the rest of the day because when I did sit down it was really hard to get up. On top of that I cut myself on something sharp in a garbage bag I was throwing away. An all around sucky day. Going to work tomorrow but I will be taking it easy.


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