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Came into work today. Told Maria that the boss was coming and she said was it for a drug test? I said no it couldn't be since they only do those once a year. Nope an hour or two after I got here in comes the testing people. Both drugs and alcohol. I hate random testing since I'm currently the only one here its not very random I always get it.
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Had my annual government imposed breach of my personal privacy yesterday, in other words a drug and booze test. Which is basically not a really big deal just kind of annoying. Its something that has to be done while my boss is present since if in the chase of the alcohol test if I blow over the limit then action must take place at once to remove me temporarily from work. There would be other things but that would be the start. But since I wasn't drunk I had to stay at work.


Nov. 18th, 2004 08:18 pm
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I got a surprise test today at work. A urine drug test. I find these tests more annoying than anything else I don't have anything to hide but it just seems like I get these often. Two years ago I had one and a couple of months after the first one they surprised me with a alcohol breath test. I don't know if its because I work alone or maybe its because they have to check a certain number of people per site and checking me makes 100%. Since I'm alone at work they worry I might be getting drunk or stoned at the office. Oh well one of the prices you pay for working for the government.


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