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Got up and went to morning Mass mostly because I volunteered to help take down the Christmas tree after mass was over. It went well and as usual I cut my hand on the tree a couple of times. I think its out to get me.

I shoveled snow around the house after I got done with church. Our first real snow of the season. Out of practice. But got the snow blower working again and shoveled the spots that the blower couldn't do.

Went to see Darkest Hour with my friend Todd. Can't really recommend it. Interesting ideas but has some bad science at times. Also maybe because I work around and understand how electricity works I kind of saw a lot of the plot coming. Won't be going into my SF movie collection.

Now I'm just tired. Today has been a busy day.
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Got back from out big midnight mass and extended choir singing. Very tired but happy we sounded pretty good. At least I thought so. Now to bed.
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Pretty much just Christmas. As a child it was Christmas but we didn't go to church or anything like that. For us it was a time, of family and presents, very few religious overtones, I think of our selves during that time as media Christians. For awhile we called ourselves pagans and it was Yule for us which for me wasn't much of a change. I mean what was Christmas but a converted pagan festival. A few years back we joined the catholic church and to me Christmas changed some we still had our tree and presents but we added things like Advent wreaths, a greater sense of community and other stuff like that. I guess it just gave it a little more meaning. Also I get to sing carols in the choir which I do enjoy.
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Helped moving a Harpsichord from the owners house to the cathedral. The choir director is borrowing it to accompany the woman's choir at mass tomorrow. I personally have a great love of the harpsichord dating to my first encounter with it on the Addams Family. It was always fun listening to Lurch play it. Last year at mass was the first time I had ever heard one live. I've always wanted to learn how to play one but once I realized how much they cost I knew that would be impossible. Anyway it will be fun to listen to it tomorrow.
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The mens group at church made dinner for the residents of Hope House here in town. It's kind of a homeless shelter/halfway house. We made spaghetti and meatballs. I was one of the ones assigned to sauce duty. I think it came out well, wasn't used to making so much but I just made it taste like I usually do just in a bigger amount. We made the spaghetti there, served the meal and cleaned up afterward. We had a good time and will likely do it again. Kreg one of the people in our comic club was there I was surprised since I didn't know he volunteered at that shelter. That made it easier since there was someone there that I knew rather well. Now I'm just beat going to bed early
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Had Church and RCIA back to back today. Maria couldn't make it, new meds are kicking her butt.

Super Bowl was fun to watch. I'm not a huge sports fan but when I can catch it football is fun to watch. Even with my limited knowledge of football I found that game to be very good. Lots of drama that left you not knowing who was going to win until the very end. I also watch the Super Bowl for the commercials too. There were several good ones this year. The singing commercial for Heroes was good and so was the football flavored one. The Land of the Lost movie looks like it will be a lot of fun, check out the trailer.

Now that January is over I will be posting some what less often. I usually pick at least one month out of the year to post every day during that  month, figured I'd get it out of the way early this year. So needless to say the quality of some of my last posts have been lacking. So now that is out of the way I hope to post slightly less with better posts.
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I've had a headache most of the day. Just haven't felt well for awhile. Might have caught a bug while at the funeral I was at this week. One of the members of the church choir that I'm also a member of passed away suddenly last Sunday.
One of the more irritating things that happened this week was that I asked for Wednesday off to go to the funeral, the choir was singing there as a tribute to him, after the funeral was over and I had changed to regular clothes my boss calls and asked if I could go in to work. Seems a piece of equipment broke and I was the only one available. So I went in and finished the day. This seems to happen to me a lot when I want to take some time off. Its funny that my boss sometimes wonders why I have so much vacation built up.
Got my new voter registration card in the mail today. Maria already voted early. I decided to vote on the day of. I just think its more fun to do it that way.
Seems like my headache has finally subsided. Took some migraine stuff, pain is gone but head feels fuzzy.


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