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Got back from out big midnight mass and extended choir singing. Very tired but happy we sounded pretty good. At least I thought so. Now to bed.
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Pretty much just Christmas. As a child it was Christmas but we didn't go to church or anything like that. For us it was a time, of family and presents, very few religious overtones, I think of our selves during that time as media Christians. For awhile we called ourselves pagans and it was Yule for us which for me wasn't much of a change. I mean what was Christmas but a converted pagan festival. A few years back we joined the catholic church and to me Christmas changed some we still had our tree and presents but we added things like Advent wreaths, a greater sense of community and other stuff like that. I guess it just gave it a little more meaning. Also I get to sing carols in the choir which I do enjoy.
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Got done with my last sight reading class for awhile. The choir director might start it up again later but now he has to get ready for the new season. I was pretty much voted most improved. Which isn't bad since I could hardly read any music before and mostly learned our songs by ear. I'm hoping that this year I will be less of a burden to my section. I still have a long way to go to be on par with the more experienced singers.


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