Mar. 23rd, 2017

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I'm the gamemaster again. We are currently doing GURPS Technomancer using the 4th edition rules. Taking place in the late 90's so I don't have to update the background.

Our first adventure was cleaning out a zombie infestation in the caves storage and business district. Since I'm doing this in the local KC area I thought this would be a fun place to run an adventure.
During the second adventure I contacted several of the characters with dreams from this giant slug baby thing I created. Turns out it wasn't an evil creature but some mutant w experiment that escaped and the evil corporation was looking for it. They ended up rescuing it and now it is safe at a religious orphanage. One of the characters is a priest.
The third adventure was an adaption of the Savage Worlds one sheet adventure "Rednecromancer". Basically a old folk trailer court filled with preserved geriatric zombies under the control of the park manager. I had to tweak is some to fit the Technomancer back ground but not a lot. I even used it to introduce a possible big bad for the game.
The fourth adventure took place on St. Patrick's day. So I ran a green themed adventure. I called this one Greenhouse of Doom. I used several nasty plant creatures from a couple of GURPS books. Had it take place in an experimental magical plant department on the KU campus. I think it turned out pretty well. I even got several characters to do a little more than they usually do during games.


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